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Pike/Kirk reboot fic

Greetings! :) I've just recently completed a draft of my story for happy_trekmas and find that I'm in need of a beta. Since no one on my flist seems to be interested and there have been few beta sign-ups at the comm, I thought I'd try sending a shout out here.

Title: Currently without one at the moment
Your Name / Username: angelqueen04, or AQ
Verse: XI
Characters and/or Pairing: Christopher Pike/James T. Kirk, with appearances by the rest of the crew and a few OCs
Rating: R for semi-explicit sexual content
Category: Slash
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its affiliated characters. This story is written purely for entertainment value. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Notes: The story is set post-film, during the five-year mission. Its word count is just over 4k (though I imagine it will fluctuate once a fresh pair of eyes hits it). I'm looking for someone who will take a look at the grammar and flow of the fic, as well as the characterization. Basically, I'd like to see if the story makes sense to someone besides me! :)

If anyone is interested, please PM me with an email address and I can send you a draft.

Thank you! :D