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Looking for a Beta - 25K STBB fic

I'm looking for a beta for a Harry Potter / Star Trek Reboot fic pairing Hermione Granger and Spock, featuring Pike, Kirk, McCoy, Sarek/Amanda, and the Potter cast. Mainly for grammer, obvious logic holes, word flow.  I'm trying to get the final draft done before Oct 5 and the 1st draft is complete, around 25K words.

It's a fusion fic where Lift the wizarding world of 21st century Earth and place it in an isolated star system where electrical and solar storms wreck havoc on advanced science-tech. Magic thrived where science broke down. Most of the students invited to attend Hogwarts are from human colony-worlds, referred by local magical residents (or those in the know). No Dark Lords or the Voldemort Wars, some pureblood tensions based on aristocratic and economic snobbery in this modern space-faring age. They know Muggles are dangerous and smart and it is best to not cause waves and draw attention.

Summary: Hermione Granger is a twenty-third century witch but she is not willing to give up science and is fortunate enough to find many to support her in her quest for knowledge, to blend science and magic. Along the way she meets and becomes friends with Pike, Spock, Kirk, and Scotty, and she creates something quite unordinary, something that helps when the Enterprise crosses paths with the Narada.

If you're interested and have the time please PM me with your e-mail and I'll send you the draft.